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Venice's Ghost Walk

The moonlit streets and alleys of Venice are always pretty shadowy and bewitching but if you take one of Secret Venice’s tours you may never go out after dark again! Telling tales of murder, superstition and deals with the devil tour guide weaves a web of intrigue, secrecy and whodunit to scare the boldest of Venice’s visitors – what could be more perfect for Halloween night?!Based on local writer Alberto Toso Fei’s book The Mysteries of Venice”, the tour starts at the Rialto Bridge, the largest stone bridge in Venice, built in 1591. The guide knows his stuff and takes great delight in recounting the criminal conduct of his city’s residents as we squirm and squeal! And even if you weren’t scared of the dark beforehand, you might want to sleep with the light on after this! Why not leave a comment with your favourite Venetian ghost story. Sweet dreams!!

Ghost Tour Of Venice

Hi Laura, Thanks For your Email. My daughter says, it was the best tour of all the tours we made. And I agree with her. Adriana was so kind, so funny and empathatic with us, we could have continued for hours... She is such a great guide, she is so passioned with this city and all the stories. We enjoyed it so much. Please tell Adriana our carissimi saluti. We will NEVER forget this evening.

Viagem Maravilhosa

Recensito il 22 giugno 2014 Google Traduttore Excelente viajem. Veneza, Itália. Uma cidade linda, um paraíso. Visitei a igreja São Marco, perfeita!. Amei Veneza, indico a todos...

Molto Più Di Una Passeggiata

“Molto più di una passeggiata” Recensito il 12 marzo 2015 Con mia moglie abbiamo usufruito di un coupon per una "passeggiata italiana" alla scoperta di Venezia insolita. Esattamente ciò che cercavamo. Stefano, la guida, si è dimostrato eccellente sia dal punto di vista della preparazione, sia per la grande disponibilità e capacità di coinvolgere il gruppo. Consiglio a tutti di provare il servizio, sia per visitare la città, sia per scoprirne o riscoprirne le bellezze uniche.


投稿者: Etsuko, 2014/11/29 イタリア人女性の日本語ガイドさんのご案内で一日パドヴァの街を歩きました。 スクロベーニ礼拝堂が第一の目的でしたが予想以上の保安体制でした。ミラノ「最後の晩餐」より厳しいでしょう。ジオットの絵を彼女なりの解説も楽しく聞きました。ガイドをして多くの回数を見て、そのたびに発見があるというのもうなずけます。市立美術館もゆっくりたっぷり見ることができたのは、私達の贅沢時間です。昼食メニューもゆっくり説明付きで選べて楽しかったです。市電にも乗ったし、小さいながら歴史のある町というのもよくわかりました。

Excellent Tours

When I visited Venice during the season of Venice Carnival, I took two tours from this company, Passeggiate Italiane. The one was one day tour in Padova from Venice. A tour guide, who spoke Japanese fluently, took us to famous places, such as the Scrovegni Chapel and Saint Anthony's Basilica. The guide has quite excellent knowledge of Italian art. On top of that, her explanation is quite understandable even for us with no background of Christianity. Because of her nice explanation, we really enjoyed the wall painting of the Scrovegni Chapel, which is one of the supreme masterpieces of Giotto, an architect in Italian Renaissance. We also visited Pedrocchi Café, which is amazingly beautiful caffe shop founded in 19th century. The other one was a guided tour for Venice. We visited some famous architectures, like Saint Mark's Basilica, with historical explanation of Venice. We couldn't have understood the real meaning of amazing Basilica's interior if we had looked around Venice by ourselves. In addition, the local restaurant, where she recommend us, was quite good. I think it's very difficult for foreigners to find out this kind of venetian restaurant, where local people visited so often. We tasted molto buono venetian dishes. If you'd like to enjoy genuine Italian art and culture, definitely the tours offered by Passeggiate Italiane are the recommendable ones.

The Venezia Photography Tour

Such a wonderful team. Such a brilliant service. Such a lovely experience. And – such stunning places we had the opportunity to discover, with You as guides. Grazie mille, per tutto. Well be back soon, for sure! /Sofija & Peo.

Ghost Tour Of Venice

I thoroughly recommend this tour, even though it's a bit pricey. We were taken around the quieter back streets, alleys and squares of Venice by Alvise who told us grim stories (some historical, some folklore) associated with each place, including the headless body in the well, the human casserole and the Venetian Vampire. Alvise was an excellent storyteller, spooking out the kids and providing interesting historical background for the adults. Our party included children from 7 to 15 and all were entertained. Although an evening activity it took only about an hour, so finished in time for dinner at a nearby restaurant.