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Pompei Excavations

Pompei, Italy

In the South of Italy, not far from Naples, you can visit the ruins of an ancient city named Pompeii. 

Pompei was a prosperous city of the Roman Empire, founded in the 7th century BC and it was a resort town for wealthy romans who built there beautiful villas and apartments. In the year 79 AD the Vesuvius volcano erupted and the city was buried  in a thick layer of broiling ash in a few seconds.About 1.000 people were instantly killed by ash end the entired town was buried.

It was rediscovered only 1700 years later when excavations begun.

Today, visiting Pompeii is not like a museum , is as live again in an ancient roman commercial town of 3 Km.
Buildings, temples, shops catched in the time of the eruption.

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